Sunday, April 12, 2009

caveat emptor


H said...

poo =[

well lemme know if you get more st tropez.. i am pretty skilled in the art of st tropez from all my years in seattle spas..i can make you look reeeeal predy ;)


IB said...

I live just north of Portland...I can relate.

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Damn the fine print in those ebay ads!
I'm pretty pasty too. That's what a Minnesota winter will do to ya! Watch out UVB rays, here I come!

Jessica Price said...


st.tropez is the best tanner though :p

maybe read the descriprtion box before you buy next time haha!

Jessica said...

Hehehe... that's funny! I've been guilty of getting all excited and not reading the fine print too. I ordered a board game for my son for Christmas, thought I was getting a really sweet deal... until I found out it was in Canadian prices. An old used board game cost me $35. oops! My bad!

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