Tuesday, December 7, 2010

maybe i'm over-thinking it.

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J.J. in L.A. said...

We also opened presents on Christmas Eve (and still do). Mom took us to Midnight Mass while dad wrapped and put the presents under the tree. He was a different religion so he never went...and that's how we believed in Santa for as long as we did.

I was 10 when my oldest brother (18) said, "You're wasting your time" when he saw me and our youngest brother (12) staring out the window, waiting for Santa.

Thanks bro!

rivqa said...

We're Jewish and my husband originally wanted to not tell our daughter that Santa wasn't real, so as not to spoil it for the other kids.

I talked him into sticking to our general policy of not lying to our kids. Less disappointment if you never build up the myth IMHO.

2 kids...3 martinis said...

Girl, you ALWAYS make me laugh.

I could see this on TV, in a major newspaper, etc. You are so incredibly gifted and hilarious and relatable.

I told my kids all about santa. Then they cried when they found out he wasn't real. I felt like shit and now my 10 year old is pretending she never heard the truth. Weird.

Captain Dumbass said...

Let him live the lie. You can always buy him therapy for Christmas in the future.

Ann Imig said...

Must share this immediately.

Marinka said...

Love this!

martin said...

I just found your blog today via Reddit, and it is the bestest funniest thing I've read in forever. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
We don't do Santa, but instead we have the christmas bats: It's a long story. My almost four-year-old son met Santa for the first time last weekend on that Holiday Express train out of Oaks Park. After being offered a candy cane, my boy matter-of-factly stated, "Santa, you are not in charge of the christmas bats." It was pretty rad.

Casey Freeland said...

Whatever you do, it's up to you. I have four kids. Two adults who loved their time with Santa. One 11 who broke it to us last year that she knew about Santa. And one who is 9 and doing his best to hold on to it for one more year.

It's never messed any of them up that I can tell, and we have some pretty awesome memories.

It may sound cheese, but I seriously believe in the spirit of Santa. The magic, the fun, the wonder of it all.

By the way, we opened presents on Christmas Eve as well, and I still believed in Santa. My dad put on a pretty good production every year with bells and hohoho's and reindeer tracks as we hid and waited in the back bedroom.



Irish Gumbo said...

It's that last one, I think. Heartbreak will ever find us, and as skeptical as I am, sometimes being real just isn't worth it :)

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