Monday, February 21, 2011

Poop Strike!

 photo poopydance.jpg

 photo prune.jpg

 photo diaperchamp.jpg

 photo Fiber.jpg

 photo chow.jpg

 photo new-copy.jpg


Ann Imig said...

Thank you again!!

Casey Freeland said...

Loved the poopness of your comic at Ann's. Too much. Poor little pooper.


wonderchris said...

Chocolate chips for everyone!!

Loved the post.

Lacey said...

You're welcome -- you deserve it, you're so talented! I found your blog one day when I was looking online for a "Sellwood laundromat" (

Tarja said...

I loved your guest post over there! You are one talented lady. As for the withholding? I feel your Miralaxed pain. This will pass soon enough. Get it? Pass? Oh, man, poop humor.

Malady said...

Thanks Y'all.
My kid took a dump today!

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