Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rich with archetypal symbolism, this dream begs to be analyzed.


IB said...

I'd be the same way, all goofy and star-struck. But I'd try to look cool. I ran into Carlos Santana once in San Francisco and all I could get out was, "uhhhh.....hey.... your uhhhh music...uhhhhh

He was gracious and patient because he probably thought I was retarded.

Inglebert Humperdink said...

not sure how to analyze the dream but want to praise your line drawing. It amazes me how you capture the face of a graciously patient celeb with such a simple drawing.
so glad you've been keeping this up. great way for me to keep in touch without keeping in touch.
miss you guys

Beth said...

I actually met David Sedaris (well, I paid to see him and stood in line to get a book signed). I can't remember anything I said to him but my mother told me that he couldn't understand me because I was talking so fast. Oh, well. Maybe I made an impression.

SavvyD said...

It's funny, I grew up in the LA area and hardly meet celebs. I met Victoria Jackson today and I felt so stupid. I asked her if I had met her before because she looked so familiar. I watched her on SNL when I was a kid. I told her she was really funny and she asked, "Why? I haven't said anything funny." She just was/is. I was at someone's house for a BBQ and she jumped into the pool with her clothes on because it was hot. I still feel dumb. I think I'll be OK, though.

Ann Imig said...

I think you are so fantastic. I love your art and your humor.

A cross between David and PeeWee is is is

Jambi head?

I don't know but I love it.

LOVE the new header.

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