Monday, July 14, 2008

Portrait of a New Mommy









The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

My Baby Sammy has a few months lead on Hayden. My girls are a few years removed from that stage. I didn't nurse, mainly because I'm his father, but I can sympathize with you regarding the crying.

Having older children I can say that eventually they do cry less. Unfortunately, when they are older and do cry, they can follow you around.

anurag said...

really liked the way you portrayed a mother's role using cartoon...

Even I use media of cartooning to illustrate my blog posts, Check out mine and tell me how it was>??

BoggyWoggy said...

Excellent cartoons! You nailed it! My youngest is now 16...yet those long nights, sitting up with a cringing and screaming baby, battling colic, still haunt me. I'll admit, there was a day when he was 3 and began whining about some food I was serving. I leaned over and said to him, "Collin. You've been crying for 3 years. Stop it right now or else." He stopped...for 2.5 minutes. I remember it well...

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm going to return the link if you don't mind.

Well I did it already but I'll stop if you want.

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Oh my.
Sounds as if you're getting baptized by fire into motherhood. I'm so sorry you're having a hard time, but I SO know where you are right now and it's SO HARD! All I can say is get a break whenever you get a chance...nap times, when dad's home, etc. And go out, with the baby, to the park or something when the weather is nice of course, just so you can feel like you're still part of the human race! Talk to other mothers in your shoes right helps.
You are doing your best and that's all that matters. That little guy will love you forever for it.
Wishing you days of naps and nights of peacefulness of less crying! (another rockin' post, by the way...don't know how you do it!)

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

When you first asked about Obama, I thought yeah. I can do something with that. I played with it for a while but I don't know enough about scientologists. I thought maybe having up jump up and down on Putin's couch proclaiming love for William Ayers, but I actually like Obama and don't like Tom Cruise. I'm luke warm on Putin. All together what I was writing was becoming my own worst nightmare. I'm throwing in the towel on this one.

If you have an answer to the what-if, I would love to hear it.

SavvyD said...

Oh Malady! No wonder wealthy women used to hand their babies off to the wet nurse. Reading this makes me so glad I'm single--at least for a few minutes or so.

R. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! my kids are almost 9 and 5 and i haven't had regular and necessary haircuts since the motherhood set in. UGH! i feel your pain.

i added you to my blog list, hope you don't mind.

R. said...

oh, p.s. i'm a 33 year old scorpio too!

check me out at

Julieanne Paige said...

Well this must be the place for 33 year old scorpio's because I am one too :)

Thanks for visiting Malady and cheers for the girly giggle :)


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Loved the story, cartoons and your version of motherhood. As a grandfather, I have been there, seen that, got the t-shirt to prove it. Now my kids are your age, and they have been telling the same story. My eldest even apologised to me one day when I informed her that she behaved just like her son - "Oh Dad, I'm so sorry".

Going to link you on my Blog. I want to see follow ups and whether you survive your baptism by fire - You will, life is like that.

AV - from:
The Nether Region of the Earth II

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