Friday, August 8, 2008



The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

They sell chocolate covered coffee beans. Little caffine bombs to be taken through out the day.

New product idea: Caffine infuzed beer.

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

You're back!
I've missed your updates!
Thanks for the laughs...even though I see they are at your expense (sorry!).
I totally feel your addiction though. Me too. I'm a 5 VERY STRONG cups a day drinker. :) Not many alternatives when you are breastfeeding though. But, maybe baby will sleep better when you quit???

Dr. Jay SW said...

That's pretty much my mission upon waking up every morning.

It's a horrid addiction, but I love it so much.

Also love your work. Great cartoon blog!

Julieanne Paige said...

Your cartoons have really given me a giggle and have added you to my 'Be Inspired To... Be A Cartoon Mum' list. I hope this is ok with you.


Douchewatcher said...

hi... i really like your cartoons. very funny.

i can definitely relate, me=sbux vanilla latte problem.

keep up the good work...


do you think you have it? said...

love it! ou are talented and funny. I sympathize with the coffee... i've gotten up to four cups on some days. i'm trying to cut back and it's harder than some people might think! great blog though, i'll definitely be back.

Douchewatcher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Douchewatcher said...

please come back again, i try to update it frequently.

maybe you can help me get off caffeine.


Adam James Nall said...

Absolutley marvellous. You are wonderful.

On a side not to your brilliant blog I recommend lucozade sugar drinks (got me through a lot of late night work/still going in the morning work). Mango (dried) is supposed to be good for sugar!

All the best, I shall check back soon,


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